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With WILD GAME, Blayne Davis takes suspense to new heights.

Mitchell Graham is the CEO of AQSR, a sports betting information company that operates in the shadows between New York and London. After being ousted from the financial markets and sent to federal prison, Mitchell has returned to carve out a lucrative niche where he and his nefarious cohorts are raking in millions each week from around the world. He's tied into crime families between New York and China that are fixing games in the NFL and prestigious European football (soccer) leagues.Financial traders and analysts from ivy league schools have made the switch from stocks to sports, and provide a brilliant front for what is really happening behind the scenes at AQSR. Special clients get the special matches, and everyone wants more. Money is no object in this high-flying world of yachts and jets, and the stakes only get higher.

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The dialoue in Wild Game is so real and engaging, it’s impossible not to feel every twist of this devilish plot. This inspired story gives you unfettered access to the machinations of government agents, prosecutors, the billion dollar sports gambling markets, and the lengths to which each will go to win. This touching and emotionally gripping blockbuster will arouse the spectrum of emotions – making you laugh, panic, cheer, and cringe your way, as the intensity of the story naturally unfolds with well-defined characters and intricate plots.

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